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... all this without the need to think about decay!!
IsoStock is for all users of radioactivity - scientists, researchers, radiopharmacies, nuclear medicine, waste management, Radiation Protection Officers, Radiation Protection Supervisors and Radiation Protection Advisers.
IsoStock is comprehensive software to manage and track your radioactive substances - Compounds, Waste and Sealed Sources.
IsoStock has been developed with an emphasis on ease of use. This simple yet powerful program requires minimal setup and day to day effort. IsoStock is fully traceable (with audit trail for editing and deletion), and will handle all stages of record keeping from initial ordering of radioactive substances, through to accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste. IsoStock can print labels and barcodes, and will instantly produce reports "at the touch of a button", all corrected for decay. No calculators and decay tables necessary here!
IsoStock has been tracking radioactivity for over 20 years in major pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, universities, NHS hospitals and government agencies in the UK, mainland Europe, US and Asia. These include organisations such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, Covance, AstraZeneca, Cancer Research, Medical Research Council, Science & Technology Facilities Council, The Royal Navy and many more. Today, in it's fourth version, IsoStock is the industry standard software.
Instant access to data for the whole site
Remove paper records
No waiting for department reports
Easily delegate record keeping
Easy to implement
No capital costs
Minimal training
Contractual commitment 1 year
Free on site software evaluation
Keep control of your own department
Delegate data entry to end users
No need to report to Safety Office
Manage stock checks electronically
Remove paper records
Work in quantities or activities
Automatic decay correction
Instant access to own samples and work
No totalling required
No summaries to report
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