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Effortless radioactivity tracking to meet regulations

Forget paper forms, spreadsheets and home-grown systems and say ‘hello’ to IsoStock's comprehensive management and tracking of radioactive substances.

Whether you're a research organisation, university or hospital, IsoStock is equipped to deal with all your recording of interactions with open sources, sealed sources, and radioactive waste. It quickly and easily records receipts, usage, synthesis, dispensing, dose administration and waste consignments, keeping accurate site totals and automatically handling decay correction.

IsoStock is the industry standard software, tracking radioactivity for over 20 years in the UK, mainland EU, US and Asia for organisations such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, Covance, AstraZeneca, Cancer Research, Medical Research Council, Science & Technology Facilities Council, The Royal Navy and many more.


Environmental Permits require the use of Best Available Techniques. IsoStock provides the tools to help comply.

Time Saving

Time Saving

  • Removes paperwork
  • Fast capture of raw data
  • Instant site-wide reports
Accurate decay calculations


  • Cradle to grave tracking
  • Automatic decay calculations
  • Updated in real-time
flexible system


  • Accessible by all users
  • Fully configurable
  • 350+ security options
Compliant with regulations and permits


  • Checks against permits
  • Full traceability and audit
  • Reduces risk
Using IsoStock in a lab to track and trace radioactive materials

Best Available Technique (BAT)

The available techniques that are the best for preventing or minimising emissions and impacts on the environment.

Help minimise radioactivity kept on site
Helps reduce radioactive waste that requires disposal
Fully tracks activity from receipt to disposal
Site-wide information available immediately
Decay calculations and reports in real-time
Tracking an open source radioactive substance in a lab

Open sources

Records requests, orders and receipt of open sources
Calculates decay and concentration relative to reference dates
Tracks every sub-dispense of radioactivity
Records synthesis and dilution of radioactive products
Work in activity, quantity or percentages
Movements, adjustments, free text, decay calculators and more
Working with radiopharmaceuticals in medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Driven from ARSAC investigations
Automatically applies excretion factors
Rapid entry through dedicated dose administration screen
Generators and elutions
Planning and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals
Historical report of investigations
Radioactive Sealed Source Containers

Sealed Sources

Track all sealed sources
Standalone and sources within equipment
Record and schedule leak tests and calibrations
Track all movements of sources
Attach photos and documents


Track all radioactive waste
Configurable container types
Full traceability back to the original stocks
Mixed nuclide containers with accurate decay
Fully managed decay store
Scheduling of waste consignments

End Users

All interaction recorded electronically
Accessible by all users of radioactivity
Focused view of own/departments stocks and samples
Calculates decayed activity from quantity (and vice versa)
Fully configurable security levels
A Dynamic Report


Instantly available in real-time
Site-wide and department reporting
Interactive selections for dynamic reporting
Integrated context-sensitive reporting
Exportable to PDF and CSV


Full reporting relative to permits and licences
Every item fully traceable from cradle to grave
Date, time and user recorded against transactions
Interactive stock checks
Audit trail with reason and changes
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